Sweatshirt Love: 1991 INC

Lately I've been obsessed with anything that raises an eyebrow or grabs attention when it comes to fashion!  It's so easy to fall into a fashion rut, gravitating to the same looks year in and year out.  So when I came across this interesting apparel company 1991 INC and their bold, funny, cheeky sweatshirt designs I literally couldn't stop scrolling through their website to see how each funny shirt could outdo the other.  Take a look here and choose your fave.  Below are my top picks!

P.S. I just may break down and snatch Rihanna flipping the bird!!!

It doesn't get fresher than a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" throwback!

Ummm yea Dwight!! Love and hate him all in one! My Office fans know the deal!!

Anything MM is hot!!

This is sooo pretty! I can almost smell the roses!

Who didn't get a kick out of Justin Bieber trying to go hood on the paparazzi!! Why not rock it!!

Biggie is an icon!! Wish they had a Tupac sweatshirt too!

Kim K. crying!! This is just all kinds of hilarious!!

Gummi Bears are my favorite!

RiRi flipping the bird!! Classic!!

This shirt would ruin diets all over town!! I can literally taste those treats!!
Super pretty!! Dress up or down!

One of my heroes on a shirt!! Love!!


Love to hear from you, your comments mean the world to me!!

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