Hair Envy

Hair, hair, hair!! Beauties love their hair and usually the longer or thicker the better! So here are some gorge hairlicious pics to get those hair growing, hair loving juices flowing!!

Rosario Dawson is gorge!

Hayden Panettierre is a super beauty!
Solange is setting trends and taking names!!
This is what a cute, chic pony should look like!
America Ferrera makes a huge statement with this gorgeous messy braid! Stunning gal!

Oooh Kelly Rowland!! Werk!! Lovin this sexy look and short do!

Just me rocking my natural curls!!
Cassie is gorgeous and can pull this look off!! I'm seeing this look everywhere now! Bold chicas!
Jessica Biel shows brunettes light it up too!! #brownhairdon'tcare
Natural beauties Rock!!!
Love this short curly bob!
Flat iron heaven! Visit this link for best flat irons for healthy straight hair!
Gorge look on Reese!!
Kerry Washington is just picture perfect!!!
Are you suffering from dead ends that keep your hair from maintaining the length you would like? If so, jump to this page for a quick fix that doesn't involve the big chop!

For my natural beauties trying to grow length, jump over to this page to find out how to minimize breakage and maximize growth!

And I cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy diet for overall health and hair growth! So jump on over here to find out great eats for gorge hair!!


  1. Forgot to mention this weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!!!

  2. All of these ladies are rocking beautiful hair, but the girl with orange lips, bold earrings, and the funky print dress gets my vote for most fun and best eye for fashion. You are pretty much a tie with her. Keep up the fabulous looks.

  3. The girl with the orange lips, bold earrings, and funky shift dress gets my vote. You are a close tie though. I saw a man in my bank the other day with hair similar to Cassie's but he had his natural curl and an awesome tailored trench coat. I just had to compliment him on his taste.


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