NOVA Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes

This past weekend was Fantastic!! I haven't done that much running around in awhile but it was sooo well worth it!  Friday night kicked off the weekend with the Luxe Lifestyle "Behind The Scenes" event hosted by NOVA Fashion Week.  It was a blast! I was a part of the discussion panel and me and four other bloggers talked about the Amazing fashion scene in DC, emerging fashion trends and how to tie it altogether in one fabulous fashionista package!  Check it out!

Dress: Vintage Shoes: Nordstrom Purse: Victoria Secret

Discussion Panel time!! We were all nervous, but quickly got comfortable!!
Me, Nakia (Vogue & Vintage), Jennifer (Comme Coco), Ashley, (LPM Ashely), & Schuntel (
BraveNoise was spinning live music all night!! Their sound is awesome!!
Super Delightful Treats from Perfect Pink Cupcakes was just what I needed!!  First time ever having a cake pop!! Awesome!!
It was really cool getting to see firsthand all the preparation and frenzy that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show!!

The fashion show kicked off with the models coming down the elevator onto the catwalk!! Freaking Epic!!
Loved this capri jumper from designer Dayanne Danier-Bien Abye 
I found this dress at a local thrift shop a few days before the event and it was such a sweet find, because it has all of the latest trends packaged in one little outfit! You have the bold bright colors, the tribal, aztec style print, the gold buttons down the front, and the 80's throwback shoulder pads!!  Yes the 1980's have made a comeback and I think that should be evident in all the neon and bold patterns we are seeing all over the place!  In keeping with the bold theme, I decided to have fun and throw my zebra print purse all over it!!

The point I'm trying to make is, fashion should be fun and fabulous! There are no rules to this game, wear what feels right, comfortable and most of all wear what that defines you!!

Stay Beautiful Beauties!!!


  1. Cute!!! I wish I would have known you were going. I thought about it, I should have gone :-( Let me know the next event you're attending.

  2. You look fantastic! Personally I have always liked shoulder pads I think they look great and help elongate the shoulders. You guys do look a bit nervous in that first photo, I definitely would have been to. Glad you had such a great time!


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