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I just got word that apparently there's a trademark war brewing between Christian Louboutin SA and Yves Saint Laurent America Inc. over the Louboutin infamous red sole bottom. YSL has decided to capitalize on the fashion genius that is the red sole bottom by slapping their shoes on top of a red sole as well.

Christian Louboutin just lost the first bid to stop the Yves Saint Laurent giant from capitalizing on his creation last week, but Louboutin and his legal team are not falling back and they are determined to fight this one to the end. Louboutin is seeking $1 million in damages from YSL. Whewwww...the drama!

This battle is of course drawing much attention and interest from the fashion industry, with many people divided on who should prevail. In an interview posted today from Women's Wear Daily, Carolyn Butler, owner of Footcandy Shoes, I think put it best when she said "When somebody comes up with a great thing, everyone wants to steal it. I say no. Be original." I'm not mad at that!

I don't think it gets any Fiercer than this C.L.!! It will be interesting to see who wins the RED.

Post your thoughts on what you think the outcome should be...TEAM Louboutin or TEAM YSL!!


"The exhausting court battle over red-soled shoes draws to a close as Yves Saint Laurent drops its lawsuit against Christian Louboutin. Women's Wear Daily reports that the folks at YSL were content with the most recent court decision, which allowed YSL to make monochromatic red shoes (where both the soles and uppers are red)... but still granted Christian Louboutin trademark protection over the red sole alone."--Huffington Post


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