Go Green: Fall Fashion Trends 2014

BEAUTIES!!! I know it's been forever in a day since my last post! So much life has happened since the beginning of the year. As you all know I was trying to go back to work full-time after being a stay-at-home mom and consultant for years and I finally landed a wonderful position doing what I love-social media, blogging, content marketing and communications! Being a working mommy comes with it's benefits but it also comes with it's hectic schedules and chaos as well. But I wouldn't have it any other way. So I recently connected with one of my fave diamond jewelers, Robbins Brothers to pen a piece on Fall Fashion Trends for their blog and wanted to share with you as well. Robbins Brothers has thee most breathtaking diamond and faux diamond (for those of us with champagne taste but beer budget) pieces ever! Take a look at some cute season fashion trends with the RB bling to match and let me know your thoughts in the comments! How many of my beauties are in love with military green!? I know I can't stop buying everything military, seriously I need to stop. Enjoy and we will talk soon!! XOXOXOXOXO
Summer was short and sweet. Now it’s time to retire the next to nothing cuteness for some fall favorites! Yep, fall is back. While you can always rely on the darker tones to see you through the season, wait a sec before you reach for your tried and true greys and browns. There’s a new trend, military green, sweeping the scene for fall and it really has me giddy! So if you’ve never had the chance to stand on a battlefield, military style, well here’s your chance sorta! To grab more Fall Fashion Trends visit Fully Engaged. Photo courtesy of TimeAndGlam.com

We ROCKED 2013!

2013 was a crazy year for me and my family! We had a lot of transitions and changes, but one thing I refused to do was let all of the business of life take away our fun. So here is a small snapshot of some of our year, in one little Flipagram! Hope all of my beauties are getting off to a GREAT 2014!! Muah~

Sweatshirt Love: 1991 INC

Lately I've been obsessed with anything that raises an eyebrow or grabs attention when it comes to fashion!  It's so easy to fall into a fashion rut, gravitating to the same looks year in and year out.  So when I came across this interesting apparel company 1991 INC and their bold, funny, cheeky sweatshirt designs I literally couldn't stop scrolling through their website to see how each funny shirt could outdo the other.  Take a look here and choose your fave.  Below are my top picks!

P.S. I just may break down and snatch Rihanna flipping the bird!!!

It doesn't get fresher than a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" throwback!

Ummm yea Dwight!! Love and hate him all in one! My Office fans know the deal!!

Anything MM is hot!!

This is sooo pretty! I can almost smell the roses!

Who didn't get a kick out of Justin Bieber trying to go hood on the paparazzi!! Why not rock it!!

Biggie is an icon!! Wish they had a Tupac sweatshirt too!

Kim K. crying!! This is just all kinds of hilarious!!

Gummi Bears are my favorite!

RiRi flipping the bird!! Classic!!

This shirt would ruin diets all over town!! I can literally taste those treats!!
Super pretty!! Dress up or down!

One of my heroes on a shirt!! Love!!

Layer Like a Boss: Fall Fashion Trends

Hey beauties!! I know it's been ages since my last blog post! I can ramble on with excuse after excuse but the truth of the matter is life has gotten super hectic with two preschoolers, a recent move and an active ongoing job hunt that has become a job:) and everything in between!  But I have certainly missed blogging and sharing all of my creative ventures and discoveries, so I would like to welcome Fall in with a recent Fashion Trend post I just penned for my fave diamond jeweler Robbins Brothers!! Their jewelry is seriously gorge and something to drool over.

To get you beauties going in the right direction with the perfect fall closet, let's start by holding on to a little bit of summer, no need to shelve all of your cute warm wear, upgrade those maxi skirts to a cute fall look!

Add some gorge RB pearls and take the kiddies pumpkin picking or brunch with your girls!

Fall is all about a hot rocker chic leather jacket or that perfect trench!! Yay for style, but ouch on the budget! But think about it like this, a one time investment on a staple item that will go the distance in your wardrobe and may even stake its claim as a vintage heirloom to pass on to your daughter.

Fall is such an awesome time of year because it really allows you to layer like a boss and look absolutely chic in the process! For more inspiration head over to Robbins Brothers to get it in!!


Bold Blue Liner + Curly Hair +Summa Fedora

Summa' Fedora: Target (pronounced Tar-Sh-ay)
Curly Hair: Asli Nectar, Shea Curly Meringue, & Pure Glycerin
Bold Blue Liner: MAC Hyacinth Kohl Eyeliner
Blush: Dior Pink Love 

Daily Habits Of The Wealthy

Lately, I've been really consumed with resetting my financial spending, savings and goals basically minimizing spending and maximizing savings. And while I focus mainly on fashion, beauty and health with my blog-financial fitness always plays into our overall well being. So I wanted to share this quick vides with you beauties today. While most of it provides some great insight into how the wealthy stay on top and consistently reaching their goals, unfortunately I don't hear any mention of family time or social time not connected to business networking and maintaining a certain status. So take from this video what works for you, but don't forget that in your free time sometimes just relaxing or spending quality time with your loved ones can't be bought, it's priceless.

Hair Envy

Hair, hair, hair!! Beauties love their hair and usually the longer or thicker the better! So here are some gorge hairlicious pics to get those hair growing, hair loving juices flowing!!

Rosario Dawson is gorge!

Hayden Panettierre is a super beauty!
Solange is setting trends and taking names!!
This is what a cute, chic pony should look like!
America Ferrera makes a huge statement with this gorgeous messy braid! Stunning gal!

Oooh Kelly Rowland!! Werk!! Lovin this sexy look and short do!

Just me rocking my natural curls!!
Cassie is gorgeous and can pull this look off!! I'm seeing this look everywhere now! Bold chicas!
Jessica Biel shows brunettes light it up too!! #brownhairdon'tcare
Natural beauties Rock!!!
Love this short curly bob!
Flat iron heaven! Visit this link for best flat irons for healthy straight hair!
Gorge look on Reese!!
Kerry Washington is just picture perfect!!!
Are you suffering from dead ends that keep your hair from maintaining the length you would like? If so, jump to this page for a quick fix that doesn't involve the big chop!

For my natural beauties trying to grow length, jump over to this page to find out how to minimize breakage and maximize growth!

And I cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy diet for overall health and hair growth! So jump on over here to find out great eats for gorge hair!!

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